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Help Spread the Word, call your local radio station!

help save the earth by asking your local radio station to air our PSA announcement

Save The Earth Foundation has an important message about our planet and YOU can help to spread the word. We ask you to contact your local radio stations and ask them to play our PSA year-round as a reminder of how important it is to save our earth one day at a time instead of… Read More

Non-GMO Seed Project @ Canticle Farms


  Save the Earth Foundation (STE) recently announced its funding of a community nursery managed by Nick Routledge at Canticle Farms in Oakland CA, a non-profit urban farming and gardening initiative. The seed money granted by STE will go towards the purchase of public domain, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO seed, soil, containers and irrigation equipment to… Read More

Research aboard NOAA’s Bell Shimada


Save The Earth’s most recent project is to collaborate with Central California research institutes on a 9 day research cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Bell Shimada. In May 2015, this project will characterize fish, birds and mammals of Davidson Seamount; evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different marine mammal sampling techniques; and support the development of a Marine Biodiversity Observatory Network.… Read More