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SeaPhoto App iPhone and Android devices.

Sea Photo Main Screen

                                                                     SeaPhoto App updated for iPhone and developed for Android devices. Save The Earth funded an updated version of the SeaPhoto App for iPhone, and development of the SeaPhoto App for Android devices.   This application provides access to over 1,650 high quality images of over 631 species of marine life of the Monterey… Read More

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Three locations (light blue markers) offshore of Central California where water samples were collected for Fukushima radionuclide testing (north to south): eastern Smooth Ridge, Sur Ridge, and Davidson Seamount. Credit: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Save The Earth Projects: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Save The Earth funded research to collect and analyze water samples for radioactivity from Fukushima in the ocean offshore of Central California.                           Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) started a citizen science project collecting ocean… Read More

Emotion for the Ocean: Download Free or Buy


 Click here for free download or Buy a Paperback from Amazon: Click Here This book is the result of joint efforts between the Save the Earth Foundation and a past award winning member of NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.  100 % of the book sale profits go directly to Ocean Research in… Read More