The Save the Earth Foundation functions as a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the expansion of environmental awareness in our society.

This web site highlights the goals and accomplishments of the Save the Earth Foundation.The primary mission of the Save the Earth Foundation centers on raising environmental consciousness and funding environmental research at colleges and universities.
This book is the first in the ‘Ultimate Ocean Education for the Average Person Series’ and is the result of joint efforts between Chet and Save the Earth Foundation.

100% of the book sale profits go directly to ocean research in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary.


Save the Earth funds research on Davidson Seamount
Save the Earth montage
Beach Combers: taking the pulse of the sanctuary
The great pacific garbage patch
Global Warming Polar Bear Message from Save the Earth
The vulnerability of deep-sea fishes: an interview with Dr. Gregor Cailliet
The Save The Earth song video
The Save The Earth CD is now available
A CD collection of 16 songs aimed at raising awareness of the environmental problems facing the earth today.   Available at Amazon.

Music is a great communicator and hopefully this CD will inspire people to conserve energy, live a cleaner life and make this planet a safer place for all.

All profits will go to ecological research/education and handled by Neal Pargman’s Save The Earth Foundation.

This CD was created by the same people that brought you the book ‘Emotion For The Ocean’ and the companion CD: ‘Moods Of The Ocean’.  We hope this new CD will inspire you to do your part in helping to save the earth.

Our new Ebook is here!

This book is the result of joint efforts between the Save the Earth Foundation and a past award winning member of NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. 100 % of the book sale profits go directly to Ocean Research in the Sanctuary.
Student Donation level $.49
Non Student Donation level $.99
Download NOW at two donation levels: The Student and NON-Student Level... We trust you!
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