Save The Earth’s most recent project is to collaborate with Central California research institutes on a 9 day research cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Bell Shimada. In May 2015, this project will characterize fish, birds and mammals of Davidson Seamount; evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different marine mammal sampling techniques; and support the development of a Marine Biodiversity Observatory Network.… Read More

“The multidisciplinary and applied nature of the ESE program teaches students to understand and analyze environmental issues from a technical level, and to apply the results of the analysis to real-world situations in order to address some of the most pressing environmental issues facing society today.” Eric Stein, ESE Alumni General Information The Environmental Science… Read More

Save The Earth is now funding research on Shipping Containers lost at sea. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is researching the effects these containers have on the eco-systems of the sea floor. the end… Read More

Save the Earth funds NOAA for a research project on the Davidson Seamount in the Pacific Ocean The Davidson Seamount is a spectacular geologic feature on which recent explorations have documented dramatic biological discoveries (some featured on the BBC production “Planet Earth”). The exploration of Seamounts is relatively novel, because we only recently have the… Read More

Environmental studies at the W. M. Keck Remote Sensing Lab, Department of Earth & Space Sciences University of Washington, Prof. Alan Gillespie. The Remote Sensing lab has been conducting geological & environmental studies for more than twenty years. Major areas of focus have been:Forestry Analysis of forest re-growth and structural stage using spectral mixture analysis… Read More

Preparedness was a recurrent theme during a panel discussion hosted by the UCLA School of Public Health on the potential impact changes in climate could have on people’s health. More than 300 people attended the Climate Change Summit, where climate change and environmental health experts provided insight on ways climate change such as rising temperatures… Read More