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This book is the result of joint efforts between the Save the Earth Foundation and a past award winning member of NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.  100 % of the book sale profits go directly to Ocean Research in the Sanctuary. eye

Click here to download or Buy a Paperback from Amazon: Click Here


The “Emotion For The Ocean” is the first book in the ultimate ocean education series for the average person!

100% of all sales profits will go directly to ocean research in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary via the fully non-profit Save The Earth Foundation.

Written by an experienced educator, author & lecturer, in a fun-filled, laid-back, easy to read, non-technical style that’s guaranteed to bring fun to the oceanic education process.

It contains a wide spectrum of ocean education materials that’s targeted for the entire family, from children, to teens, to college students and adults.

The series is designed to ignite curiosity and inform the general public about the wonders of the sea.

You will learn:

* What has no front, no back, no sides, only a top and a bottom and 5 eyes.
* Which fish must eat 25 times its own body weight each and every day.
* What grows 1 inch an hour to 250 feet long.
* Why the Atlantic Ocean is both saltier and lower than the Pacific Ocean.
* How fish sleep with no eyelids.
* Who carries his girlfriend around on his back.
* Who turns their stomach inside-out to eat, and has 5 eyes.
* What little 2-inch creature cleans up over 12 gallons of sea water each day
* Who is sexually mature and starts breeding at birth.
* What’s the great pacific garbage patch and what gave it birth.
* Who has three hearts with copper blood rather than iron like yours.
* Who can slow their heart rate from 120 to 4 beats per minute.
* Who has a heart as big as a Volkswagen, and who’s heart is in their head.
* How marine mammals get fresh water.
* Who’s lungs collapse for dives to more than 2 miles down.
* Which fish starts life as a female, but can change into a male if needed.
* How pelicans dive without hurting themselves.
* Who is global warming’s evil twin, and how she got born.
* How ocean acidification kills shellfish, coral and microscopic ocean life that produces oxygen.
* Who hunts with a flashlight on the oceans deep dark bottom.
* Which fish has human teeth.
* That over 50% of the oxygen you breath, comes from the oceans and not the trees.
* Where there’s an underwater mountain range stretching 31,000 miles long.
* What California reptile swims 6,000 miles a year.
* Which shark can go for 2-months without eating.
* Who has eyes as big as a basketball.
* Which fish blood contains anti-freeze.


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